Board of Directors

Robert Armstrong
Robert is a Senior Security Architect in the Product Strategy group for the Application Division at Oracle. Robert began working at PeopleSoft in 2003 and joined Oracle’s Product Strategy Management team as part of the PeopleSoft acquisition in 2005. In his current role, Robert provides the over-arching security strategy direction, including analysis and vetting of customer requirement, industry challenges and emerging security technologies for all Oracle Application products including the next generation Fusion Application product family.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Robert has 15+ years’ experience in the Information Systems security industry, including the strategy, design, implementation and management of Secure Enterprise Architectures, and analysis and definition of strategic direction for security in enterprise class software applications Information Systems architectures.

Wardrobe for Opportunity is Robert’s first service on a non-profit board. Prior to serving on the Board for WFO, Robert started his non-profit experience volunteering with Special Olympics as a coach and counselor as a teenager. Robert also severed as camp counselor for Exceptional Children’s foundation and has been involved in numerous volunteer engagements supporting National Parks, Conservancy groups, education and health initiatives. Robert is currently serving as a volunteer tutor for the “Read Project” at the Livermore Library where he works with individual students to increase their English language comprehension skills. Robert is one of six siblings and lives with his wife Kristin in Livermore, CA with their two dogs and is passionate about helping people grow, nurture their passion and desire to contribute for the greater good of society.

Nate Thomas
As an Assistant Vice President-Branch Manager for US Bank, Nate Thomas excels at developing and maintaining teams, leaders, and solid business relationships. Raised in an Air Force family, Nate’s parents encouraged him to always remember where he came from, instilling a strong sense of self, his position in society, and family. Nate is passionate about making sure everyone has at least the opportunity to be in the game, and this passion drives him to give back. His generosity is visible in his dealings with colleagues, subordinates, clients, his family, and the community. In the business world, Nate has over 15 years of managerial experience, earning him praise for his integrity and energetic business manner. At home, Nate is happily married to Claudia, and enjoys being a soccer and swim dad for his daughters, Aliya and Mya. As a family, the Thomas’s regularly participate in charitable events such as the Food Bank food drive. As a community leader, he believes that giving back is more than just donating time; he regularly donates his time, knowledge, and skills to those in need of some assistance.
Moiré L. Rasmussen
Secretary & 2015 Soirée Chair
Moiré Rasmussen is the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Leader for the Greater San Francisco market of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. She is responsible for leading the market's strategic initiatives to retain, develop, and advance women and minorities for the San Francisco and Sacramento offices. She is a certified coach and has the Strategic Professional Human Resource certification. She is a frequent public speaker on college campuses surrounding diversity challenges and serves as a panel expert for Diversity Best Practices, a not-for-profit organization. She has also worked with companies to assist them in their talent management on-boarding processes as well as help them review and build their diverse talent pipeline. Moiré is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. She is a Board Member of the Accounting Careers and Awareness Program (ACAP), a subsidiary branch of NABA Inc. She is a lifetime member NABA and is also a member of Ascend Inc. and ALPFA Inc.
Guy Hadnot
Board Member
Guy is currently the Director, Consumer Product Development and Customer Experience for Health where he is responsible for management and implementation of consumer experience across all consumer touchpoints at Health Net. Prior to joining Health Net, Guy served as Group Director for the Product Development Division of AAA Insurance Company where he oversaw all product development and strategy for the Auto Insurance product. He joined AAA after serving over 5 years as Vice President and Senior Product Manager for the Card Services Division of Bank of the West, a subsidiary of BNPP (Banque Paribas).

Guy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine along with a MBA from University of California, Los Angeles Graduate School of Management. Guy has over 20 years of experience in Product Management/Development and Marketing. In addition to working in the health insurance and financial services industries, Guy also has experience in the Consumer Products industry with Nestle in Glendale.

Prior to serving on the Board for Wardrobe for Opportunity, Guy started his non-profit experience volunteering with Operation Hope and working in elementary schools to teach financial literacy. Guy has also volunteered with Junior Achievement for 5 years and has been a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of Urban Bankers. Guy also served as Editor and Chief for Black Achievers Publications, a weekly free periodical in Los Angeles.
Cara Heilmann
Board Member
Cara Heilmann is the Founder and President of Ready Reset Go - Career Coaching and is absolutely passionate about helping people find amazing careers – from personal marketing, to interview preparation, to keeping one's mojo after landing a career. She is known for her creativity, strategic thinking, and relentless pursuit of results. She brings over 20 years of HR experience and a strong analytical / financial background as a business owner and MBA. Cara launched the Business Leadership Network Hawaii Chapter where employers seek ways to hire individuals with disabilities. She is a strong supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the East Oakland Boxing Association, and Canine Companions for Independence. Wardrobe for Opportunity is a perfect extension of Cara's passion to help people find and build great careers.
Venkat Mocherla
Board Member
Venkat Mocherla currently serves as the Associate Director of Sales and Marketing at The Advisory Board Company, a global research, technology, and consulting firm serving 4,100+ organizations across 40+ countries in health care and higher education. In his current role, Venkat led sales and marketing efforts for Advisory Board’s clinical operations and eHealth programs in Europe, Middle East and Canada, where he built partnerships with healthcare organizations in well over 10 countries. Prior to the Advisory Board, Venkat was part of DaVita HealthCare Partners’ leadership development program. As part of DaVita’s Corporate Strategy team, he helped launch their first primary care venture, Paladina Health, as well as was part of other key projects such as Enterprise Growth Strategy and International Market Entry. Venkat began his career in healthcare while working as an Associate for Triage Consulting Group and UCLA Healthcare in Southern California. Venkat received his Bachelors in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.
Burnitta Nanton
Board Member
Burnitta Nanton is a Senior Engineer in the Packaging Systems Engineering, Centers for Excellence Organization at E&J Gallo since 2012. She leads product and package change management for the winery’s new product launches for the Premium and International business units.

Prior to Gallo, Burnitta worked for The Clorox Company for 5 years in Product Supply and before that for Kraft Foods/Nabisco for 7 years in Productivity and Packaging R&D in the company’s Global organization.

Burnitta has a passion for strategy and enjoys creative technology solutions that promote collaboration and communication. A native of Newport News, VA; Burnitta holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Hampton University; and an Executive MBA from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. Her MBA program enabled her to gain exposure to the international business market and culture in Istanbul, Turkey; Prague, Czech Republic; and in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Burnitta finds professional enjoyment through the challenges of seeking ways to increase profitability by revamping processes; and that is where she has been told her smiles begin.
Dr. Vera Packard
Board Member
Dr. Vera Packard is the Executive Director of the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation. She has been with the organization for four years and absolutely loves her job. She’s originally from Brazil. She earned her Master’s in Medicine in Brazil, and specialized in breast disease, particularly in breast cancer in London, UK. She worked in private practice in addition to the University Hospital for 20 years. Her passion for training and teaching others is part of her personal mission of inspiring people to have a better life!

Vera has a deep commitment to women’s health issues and was inspired to start a non-profit organization devoted to breast cancer awareness in 1997. Working for a breast cancer organization here in the United States has not only helped her to continue to be involved in the medical world, but also in the business side as well. It’s a great opportunity to build a new career carrying over skills from her former medical career.

Vera served as president of her former Rotary club in Brazil. She was also an ambassador for the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce from 2006 to 2009 and a member ABWA (American Business Women Association) / Express to Success Network from 2005 to 2010, also serving as its chapter president. Vera has her own business with a health and wellness company called Arbonne International which has provided her with vast knowledge about nutrition, skin care and of course business practices and sales.

Wardrobe for Opportunity had its seed planted in Vera’s heart in 2005 when she learned about their mission at a Rotary meeting. She now feels it’s time to bring her non-profit management experience and her business expertise to this wonderful organization that helps so many men and woman gain success and confidence.
Advisory Board Members
Dave Olson
Advisory Board Chair
Dave serves as Chair of the Advisory Board. He has been a dedicated volunteer to WFO since 2008. Dave has been a stylist and now coordinates the delivery of most of our deliveries, helping WFO build strong relationships with our donation drop-off locations. For over 25 years, Dave has been a wardrobe consultant at Tom James Company. He works with professional men and women, helping them to create appropriate and lasting first impressions. He specializes in helping busy people look and feel their very best in their clothing, specializing in wardrobe design and custom clothing. Dave has a degree from Pacific Lutheran University's School of Business.
Sue Green
Advisory Board Member
Sue retired in 1998 after a long retail career with Goldman's, owned by the Malnick family and based in Oakland. After seeing a story about WFO, she attended an orientation given by our founder, Jeri Foster and got 'forever hooked'. Helping people get ahead using motivation and retail experience has always been Sue's goal at Wardrobe. Over the years , she has seen the development of WFO from dressing people for job interviews to mentoring clients with incredible success programs and more! Thankfully, she is still able to actively volunteer after 17 years!
Linda Bennett
Advisory Board Member
Linda has been involved with Wardrobe for Opportunity for over 10 years, dedicating her time to being an attentive member of the Advisory Board since 2010. Linda regularly donates and consistently does outreach within her community, spreading the word about WFO. Linda owned her own business, Bennett & Co. Consulting for over 20 years, offering interview coaching and recruiting services to employers. Linda has a BA from University of Maine, Orono, in English Language and Literature.
Carolyn Rovner
Advisory Board Member
Carolyn Rovner has been changing lives with her business, C2 Style, since 2001. As a style consultant & personal shopper, Carolyn encourages men and women to communicate their individuality through a stylish and appropriate wardrobe. She has been a loyal supporter of WFO for 14 years, by donating clothing from her client’s closets (as well as her own), and joining the Advisory Board in 2013. She is also a volunteer stylist at WFO’s Oakland location, and she does it because she believes strongly that our clients can accomplish their goals when they have the confidence to take action. When a person looks their best, they feel their best, and they are ready to take on the future. Carolyn is grateful for the opportunity to meet such brave & inspiring individuals at WFO. She is married to Jeff, and has three young adult children.
Alicia Randolph-Bryan
Advisory Board Member
Alicia Bryan is an Advisory Board member and volunteer wardrobe stylist for Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO). She derives great satisfaction from her work with WFO, helping in their efforts to assist low-income individuals Find a Job, Keep a Job, and Build a Career. She brings over 15 years of experience in Online/Mobile Payments, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Technology Product Management, Alliance Business Development, and Apparel/Accessory Product Development —for companies including Visa, Lish (a women’s accessories company she founded), Excite@Home, Levi Strauss and Hewlett-Packard. Alicia holds a Bachelor of Science, MBA, and MFA (Apparel Design) degrees.
Jacqueline Sommers
Advisory Board Member
Jacque has been a lover of fashion since “experimenting” with her mother's clothes as a young girl. Her first job was in retail where she realized that the right clothing can transform you and make you feel empowered, confident and self-assured. Today she volunteers her time with Wardrobe For Opportunity and is committed to using fashion and clothing to help the Bay Area's low-income men and women project their best images, and most confident selves, during their important and life-changing interviews.

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