Donation Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when organizing your clothing to donate:
  • Would you wear this item to an interview? 
  • Does your item help to set someone up for success on the interview or for a job?
  • Can this item be worn by another person right away?
  • Will someone feel more confident when wearing this?

Please help us focus our resources by donating only items that are undamaged, clean, dry-cleaned, or ironed and on hangers (if clothing item). This ensures that it will arrive at our shop in premium condition with minimum wrinkles.

We accept all the following new or gently used items for men and women that meet the guidelines above:
Belts Blazers Blouses
Dresses (Work Appropriate) Dress Shirts Handbags
Knit or Jersey Tops Necklaces Pant Suits (Men's &Women's)
Scarves Slacks Shoes (Work Appropriate)
Sport Coats          Ties 

We WILL NOT accept the following: 
Briefcases                  Casual/Cruise Wear   Children's Clothing
Coats Costumes Formal/Evening Wear
Jackets Jeans Khaki Pants
Outdoor/Outerwear    Polo Shirts Sandals
Skirts Sport/Exercise Clothing           Tennis Shoes/Boat Shoes
Umbrellas                   Undergarments  Wedding Attire (Wedding Dresses & Tuxes)

We welcome donations from apparel and accessory companies. Please contact or call (510) 463-4100 x216 for details on how to donate.
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