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Autumn -- the season that bridges summer and winter. Fall is known notoriously for its colorful leaves, football, and cooler temperatures (supposedly anyway). But just because the temperature drops doesn't mean your style has to. Below are 10 trends to wear to work that will impress your bosses and coworkers alike. 

1. Blazers Blazers are a piece that can be worn year-round and still look great, but they are especially perfect for fall. They keep you nice and warm outside, and can easily be slid off shoulders to reveal cute summer tops when it gets too hot. Blazers also come in many different styles for many different occasions, from bright statement-making prints to a simple yet sophisticated black that sharpens any and every outfit. From being versatile to adding a stylish layer to your look, there's no reason a nice, fitted blazer shouldn't be in your fall wardrobe.

2. Leather Leather might seem like too much of a bold, scary trend to follow. But whether you strut to your office in leather leggings, or just incorporate leather touches to your outfit, leather (or faux leather, depending on the budget) is a fall trend that has been around for years, and will likely be around for more. The most common ways to wear leather to the office is a leather jacket over a blouse and trousers or a leather skirt with a pale-colored top. Either way, leather is an amazing addition to your fall collection.

3. Knitwear Knitwear is popularly worn in colder months, but there's really no reason why we shouldn't wear knitwear in fall too. You can wear a thin, knitted cardigan with a shirt and jeans for a casual outfit on a sunny day, or you can wear a thick, knitted sweater with trousers and ankle boots for a day with a nip in the air. Because knitwear is so versatile, and the Bay Area fall can be so unpredictable, knitwear is a go-to piece for a fantastic fall outfit.

4. Scarves If you find yourself standing in front of a mirror thinking "this outfit is just too boring", a great way to spice it up is by adding a scarf. Not only do scarfs do a wonderful job keeping your neck and chest warm on colder days, but they also bring an extra source of color to your look. Whether it be a traditional scarf, a shawl, or an infinity scarf, a scarf is a definite essential to your fall wardrobe.

5. Plaid Plaid is a classic, well-known fall trend worn in and out of the office. Whether it be scarves, trousers, blazers, dresses, or pantsuits, everything looks fabulous in this popular pattern.

6. Darker Earth Tones Usually, people find themselves sporting brighter colors in the summer. However as the season starts to turn, more and more will you see people wearing darker colors. But this doesn't mean all your outfits suddenly turn black and monotone. Fall is the time to explore earth tones, such as maroon, mustard, burnt orange, and even warm shades of green. Using this fall trend, you can bring a new array of colors into your wardrobe this season.

7. White

This may seem contradictory to the trend just above, but this bullet really serves as a defense against an age-old saying that you should never wear white after labor day. You definitely can and should wear white after labor day. Whether you wear a white camisole under a colorful blazer, pair white with darker fall-colored accents, or brighten the day with a white-on-white monochrome look, white should absolutely be in your closet throughout the year.

8. Pleated Skirts Pleated skirts may seem more like an item one wears in summer, but since the Bay Area can have weeks with weather that feels like summer, wearing pleated skirts in the fall is pretty much fair game. Pleated skirts are a hot trend for 2019. They are light and breezy, as well as a fashionable statement piece to wear to the office. Whether you prefer dark, light, or vivid-colored pleated skirts, there should be at least one in your fall wardrobe.

9. Trousers As we begin Autumn, you'll start to see stylish trousers making appearances all over the Bay Area, especially on days that are too cold to wear skirts or dresses. But a main reason trousers are so popular as they come in so many different styles. Whether you favor skinny and cropped trousers or decide to buck the trend with bold trousers with a kick-flare cut, trousers come in many cuts, patterns, and prints that you can easily rock to the office this fall.

10. Booties and Ankle Boots Yes, Booties and Ankle Boots may sound like the same thing, but they are indeed different. Booties end right at the ankle, whereas ankle boots tend to end 1-4 inches after. However, since both are a hot fall trend, I think it's safe to put them under one category. These boots are kind of the halfway point between sneakers or pumps and high knee boots. This makes them the perfect shoe for fall, as they keep you warm but not unbearably hot against the breeze. This perfect balance, as well as their unbelievable style, makes these shoes a terrific trend for fall.

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