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How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

As the Bay Area begins 2021 under the stay-at-home order, many of us are limited in how we spend our time outside of the house, mainly restricted to activities such as hikes, walks, and other low-contact outdoor recreation. But even after shelter-in-place is lifted, winter will still come each year, making a professional coat that compliments your work attire even more necessary. The jackets below are sure to make you look fashionable and warm, whether you’re one of the few walking to and from the workplace or partaking in various other outdoor activities.


Traditionally thought of as outdoorsy jackets, puffers are one of the leading jacket trends this year. They are extremely warm (perfect for those freezing days), and they add a perfect amount of drama and volume to any outfit.


For those of us in the Bay Area, sometimes it doesn’t seem cold enough for a heavy jacket. This is why an overshirt can be a perfect choice for those warmer winter days. Similar to a flannel but with warmer wool finishes, an overshirt is a chic addition to any winter outfit.


These sporty jackets are ideal for a casual stroll around the block or a quick outing to pick up lunch, as they're cozy and warm, while still looking sharp and fashionable.

Shearling detailed-jackets

Last year was all about the teddy bear jackets covered in shearling. This year, we’re scaling it back, and sticking with just the shearling trim. Shearling trim creates a softer look on jean and leather jackets, and will make for a warm and statement-making coat.


Whenever anyone said “leather jacket,” I used to automatically go straight to that cool leather motorcycle jacket. But leather (or faux-leather) puffers, coats, and overshirts can elevate a look just as much, making any outfit more sleek and sophisticated.


A quilted jacket is extremely versatile, which makes it the go-to jacket for many. It can be worn by itself for a tasteful and understated look, or under a cute (but not warm) coat.

Robe coats

Robe coats give the most 2020/2021 vibes out of all the jackets, so I thought I would save it for last. These coats are cozy and warm, perfect for lounging around the house, attending work zoom meetings, and stepping out for a quick outing when needed.

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