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Summer to Fall Transition Accessories

The transition from Summer to Fall always puts a spotlight on accessories. After all, this marks the time where accessories that are worn in Summer say their final farewell until next year as well as accessories that are traditionally worn in Winter make their debut. Below is a list of some of the staple accessories to wear during the late months of Summer and early months of Fall.

1. Scarves

Scarves come in many different forms, which make it the perfect accessory or either Summer of Fall. On a warmer day, adding a light scarf is a perfect way to turn a Summer dress to a Fall outfit. On a cooler day, a chunky knit or fringe scarf can keep you warm and looking stylish, especially paired with a standard t-shirt and jeans.

2. Booties

Booties are personally my favorite type of shoe, as they look good with almost everything. For a smart summer look, pair your shorts and a shirt with a pair of edgy lace-up combat boots. For a more sophisticated Fall look, pair your black pants with black sock-booties or black wedges. Either way, booties are a great way to keep your feet warm when it's colder, but not overheat them when it's warmer.

3. Neutral and Bright covered bags

There are so many styles of bags out there, for every occasion that it's hard to narrow down the perfect bag for this time period. And honestly, we don't need to. The only rule I would follow when talking about Summer and Fall stick to bright or neutral colored bags. If you want a pop of color for your Summer of Fall outfit, go with a bright color like wine red, fresh orange, or a deep blue. If you want something with a softer tone that's more sophisticated, go with a soft gray, almond, or tan . Just avoid dark colors such as black, which contrasts too much with a light Summer outfit.

4. Kimonos and Cardigans

Kimonos are perfect for summer and early fall, as they are light enough to wear during those warmer Summer and Fall days in the Bay Area, but still there to offer some coverage from a slight breeze in the evening. The same goes for cardigans, except they often offer more warmth for cooler days, especially if you choose a cardigan with thicker material.

5. Tassel accessories

Whether large or small, tassels are always a fun addition to any outfit. Although brighter colors, like a bright orange or bold blue, are typically associated with summer, vibrant tassels can add a great pop of color to a fall outfit. Not only that, but neutral colors, like taupe or camel-colored tassels can add a youthful yet sophisticated element to any outfit.

6. Chokers

There are so many different types of chokers that you can either accessorize for summer or for fall. For example, a small colorful beaded choker or a fun choker decorated with flowers or seashells is perfect for a night out during summer. In the fall, you can switch to your darker more sophisticated chokers.

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