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Summer to Fall Transition Staples

The transition from Summer to Fall signifies many things, like the drop in temperature and the start of school. But one of the most important things it signifies is the time to explore new clothing, clothing more adaptable to the change in weather. Below are a few Summer-to-Fall Transition staples that are especially great for the next couple of months.

1. Slip dress

A slip dress is a Summer-to-Fall transition piece because it can be worn both in Summer and Fall so easily. You can wear a slip dress by itself or with a simple white t-shirt underneath during those hot summer days, or you can just as easily wear a slip dress with a warm turtleneck, blazer, or duster during those cooler fall days.

2. Midi dress

Another easy Summer-to-Fall transition piece is a stylish midi dress. This light and breezy piece of clothing is especially ideal for our Bay Area weather, as even our fall weather can be blistering. A beautiful printed midi dress will always be a show-stopper, either by itself in the Summer or with boots and a light jean jacket in the Fall, making it the perfect transition piece.

3. Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are an amazing Summer-To-Fall transition piece as well. They can be styled up with a high necked blouse and blazer for a clean business causal look in the Fall or styled down with a simple t-shirt and Birkenstocks for a relaxing lunch outing during Summer.

4. Blazer

Blazers make a great Summer-to-Fall transition piece, especially in the Bay Area. They can easily elevate a laid-back look to be more professional, but more importantly, they are perfect for layering, which is vital in the Bay Area where the temperature can drop unpredictably.

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