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With everyone in quarantine, the amount of people working from home and using video chat services has increased dramatically. But working from home is a huge adjustment, from losing the in-person interactions to finding a quiet place to work inside your home.

1) Business casual tops

Through Zoom or Microsoft teams, your co-workers can only see your face and your top. Because of this, it's important that your top is stylish and professional. We suggest wearing a crisp collared top or a flowy blouse, as it looks sophisticated yet is still nice and comfortable. 

2) Accessories and makeup

Since zoom focuses so much on and around your face, it's important that you have elegant jewelry. Usually, We suggest delicate earrings and necklaces for a subtle touch. But if you want and an extra presence or a confidence boost on a particular day, then we suggest wear statement jewelry that will be sure to get you noticed. As for makeup, we only suggest minimal makeup: a light layer of foundation and a brush of mascara to make your eyes pop.

3) Stylish sweaters

When the temperature drops, we recommend you try wearing a comfortable and stylish sweater. For example, dusters, knit sweaters, and even a simple crewneck sweatshirt are comfy but still maintain that clean professional look. Layering is key, as all these can be layered with a simple t-shirt underneath. 

4) Comfortable bottoms

Since your camera doesn't usually show anything below the waist, you definitely have more freedom to dress as you like without taking professionalism into account. However, studies have shown that dressing like you're going to the office even when working from home can boost productivity, so we recommend trying to dress business casual for the bottoms too. You can achieve this with wide-leg pants, jeans, and flowy skirts, which are all professional yet comfortable. Nonetheless, dressing business casual for bottoms is not necessary, so if you want something more comfortable try leggings and joggers, as they will remain unseen and allow for maximum comfort. 

5) Dresses

Of course, there's hardly anything more comfortable than a dress. We recommend midi and maxi dresses, though we suppose it doesn't matter too much as long as the top is professional. By wearing a professional dress, you can be can reach the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism with just one piece. 

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