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Strategic Plan

A Word from Our Executive Director
I am proud to work for an agency that not only inspires, but also transforms the lives of Bay Area residents. Thank you to all the supporters of Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO). WFO assessed its structure, surveyed its partners and examined the economic climate. Our strategic plan outlines WFO's commitment to low-income Bay Area residents. 

The organizational mission has not changed but the approach has. Today, WFO strives to be holistic (focusing on the whole person), intentional (targeting the specific needs of emerging professionals), and sophisticated (up-to-date with the radical changes in how companies do workforce in 2019). We acknowledge the shifting demographics and increasing cost of living in the Bay Area and provide workable strategies to the low-income residents that remain. WFO’s strategic plan addresses the needs of low-income clients to succeed in building a life that is sustainable for their future. I hope you will join and support us as we transform lives throughout the Bay Area.
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